4 Must-Do’s to Maintain Your Website

Aaron Petrous
Performance Analyst

Knowing that most websites serve as a means of customer acquisition and retention, you can argue that maintaining your website is the most important thing you can do for your business. Here are 4 things that you must do to keep your website fresh.

content calendar

1) Create a content calendar

Creating a content calendar seems like one of those ridiculously complicated tasks, when in reality it’s fairly straightforward. To get started, I recommend deciding how often the most important parts of your website need to be updated. Use a calendar to help schedule, build, QA and deploy all of your website updates, email campaigns, social and blog content. Study how often you are using your digital marketing channels to communicate with your audience and analyzing how those messages are performing. Frequency of updates will be dependent on the type of website but content should be added at least 3-4 times/year.

optimize yer bling!

Optimize the experience

The average attention span lasts 8 seconds and nearly 20% of pageviews last 4 seconds or less. To serve an audience anything but the best possible experience will almost always prove detrimental to a website’s success. Optimizing a user’s experience starts with gaining an understanding of the actions you want them to take and the paths that they take to get there. Document the 4 or 5 most popular paths and cater the experience to those users. Regularly scheduled performance reporting provides the best opportunity to uncover optimization opportunities.

update technology!

3) Update your technology

WordPress is constantly releasing updates, as is true for any plugin on your site. It’s important to stay on top of these updates because they often fix bugs, security issues and add new functionality. Not keeping your technology up to date can increase the likelihood that your site gets hacked, and no one wants to deal with that.

A-list influencers

4) Refresh your influencers

Keeping up to date on industry best practices might seem like one more thing to-do, and scheduling time for professional development can be challenging. However, working in digital marketing requires that we do exactly that. Keep a list of your top digital influencers and resources to utilize when you are looking for inspiration. Find examples of industry specific best practices and brainstorm ways to make those ideas fit your website. Keeping your ideas fresh is a major key to success.

Aaron Petrous
Aaron Petrous, Performance Analyst at eROI.