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With one of the highest open rates in any communication, an effective welcome email can drive customer engagement and fuel ongoing communications. BlueHornet gives you all of the tools to set up a successful welcome campaign easily. If you feel like you are a bit in over your head though, we can help you set up a successful campaign that creates a brand story that produces lifelong customers! Welcome emails have 14.4% open rates on average, and emails that offer a discount or promotion of goods averaged $6.89 PER email.
We are all familiar with this process as consumers: we are interested in a business, go to the site, and subscribe to one of their email subscriptions. Now what? We are added to a list of thousands of subscribers and put in rotation with all of their sends that go out daily, weekly or however they have decided. You will never have a more engaged audience than when you send them that first email. Don’t mess it up. BlueHornet gives you the tools you need to create the engaging welcome series that your new customer deserves.
So what’s the difference between a “good” and “bad” welcome email? The dreaded text only Welcome email. This is actually a bit scary and screams SPAM. Most people wouldn’t even bother reading past hello. There is no branding and is just simply a terrible way to welcome your new customers.
Text Only Welcome Email

Why Hello There! INSTANT credibility.

Peter Alexander

Why are welcome messages important?

Welcome messages allow you to set the tone with your new subscribers. You are able to customize and personalize the beginning of the email journey with your company. We all have seen welcome messages, and to be frank I have become quite bored with them. Mostly they look like they came from robots and have not been updated. Content is completely up to you, so sending something that reels them in from the get go is important. Be quirky, say hi, or offer a discount. But ultimately be the best representation of YOUR BRAND. This is your first chance to shine and impress this new subscriber. This is a first date! You have one chance to entice your subscriber to have a potential long-term commitment, How do you woo them? Some things we DO recommend be included:

Welcome Greeting


You can make an impact with your subscribers immediately by adding personalization into the email. Readers like to see their name and perhaps interests specific to their area or gender. They feel like a relationship has started and are immediately engaged. You also can focus on gender specific welcome emails, zip code personalization focusing on the city they are in etc. So many options to give that curated experience. Piperlime does a great job in their Welcome series focusing on gender and solid content.

David Jones Personalized Welcome Emails

Whitelist Request

This is to ensure subscribers know to add them to contacts, to avoid any filtering of your emails. We believe that adding this into your welcome email starts the relationship off with a distrust. We have found that asking your clients for a whitelist does not increase the chance for better engagement and you are better off focusing on quality content to keep readers engaged.
In the two examples below you are shown some good mixed with bad messaging. Refinery29 attempting to instruct clients to move messages to primary inbox, there is nothing really else this email is for. Which makes us question as consumers what to expect if brands are not expecting us to understand how to control what we want and do not want to see.

Refinery29 Email
With Dorothy Perkins, they are setting expectations with what subscribers should expect, but fall short when asking to be added to contacts.
Dorothy Perkins


Why not offer something only for your NEW subscribers? This makes them get those warm and fuzzy feelings of special. This will drive traffic to your site as well. Various eCommerce sites offer a discount for just becoming a new member. What if you don’t offer services or discounts? Make it about personalization and content. Make the welcome email an experience that starts your consumer off on a new journey with you.

J.Crew Free Shipping

Segment out users through clicks

The questions you pose to your subscribers upon sign-up can expose you to a variety of similar interests that you can offer your subscribers. Looking to target certain demographics in the initial Welcome email? There is the ability to set up segments based off of the subscribers activity in your email. For example; An eCommerce site that targets kids from 0-18. You can add links to specific age group sales, and based of of where the target clicks, segment them into that age group. Reaching target audiences with relative content is an email marketers dream, and with BlueHornet it is possible.

When do I send them?

BlueHornet allows you two options to send immediately after sign up, as well as 24 hours later.:
Immediately– Sending immediately is great for a variety of things. Your subscriber has your subscription fresh in their mind, so this email serves as an instant gratification of sorts. This also can feel a little robotic and less personalized.
One-Day Later–This enables you to refresh your subscribers with their interest in you. It avoids that robotic email feeling, but also 24 hours is a long time to go without contacting your subscribers, potentially they forgot about you and unsubscribe.
We strongly believe in immediate sending of the first welcome email. But don’t stop there! Create a series that tells a story.. By highly personalizing your email content you can avoid that robotic feel. If you wait to send your emails, you can be lost in the shuffle and miss out. Welcome emails have the highest open rates of any sends! It enables you to create all of your content, host an easy sign-up form on your site and finally segment your lists to make sure you are targeting the right audiences. Being able to easily send follow-up journey emails to clients based on the ones who clicked in your initial email is great. Considering the fact that this is an automated series of emails, the work is done upfront and all of the managing and sending is automated through BlueHornet, freeing you up to focus on your role. We at eROI strongly support email welcome series. Through education and nurturing you are able to build a trustful relationship with each subscriber. Creating a curated experience that takes your audience on a journey with your brand.

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Ok OK I believe you!.. Now how do I set it up? Oh it’s easy!

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