Emoji Game Strong

It’s 2016 and your emoji game is ?. After all, it’s not exactly ??. Whether it’s an agency-driven social media campaign or your surreptitious convo, emojis are communication in its purest form.
Fun, universal, and hyper-efficient in a world of limited character counts, it’s no surprise the Oxford English ? picked ? for 2015’s Word of the Year.

This isn’t a how to guide for using and installing the emoji keyboard. This isn’t an academic history of the emoji. Instead, I’m here to empower you to elevate your burgeoning emoji game. Honestly, you’re this close to becoming an emoji power-user. Explore the following resources to fill in the gaps and watch the LinkedIn emoji endorsements pour in.

Twitter Emoji Tracker Curious to see a real-time Twitter emoji tracker? Not scared of a little epilepsy warning? This site visualizes all emojis being used on Twitter—yes, in real time. Who knew the recycle emoji was more popular than the winking face?

Emoji Compatibility As Unicode rolls out new emojis every few months, it’s important to know their compatibility across different platforms. This site documents the status of all emojis across iOS, Android, OSX, and Windows. Let’s not embarrass ourselves and use a broken emoji in an email subject line.

Emojipedia Finally, an encyclopedia of all emojis! Broken down by category, you can learn about each and every emoji, complete with the different visual representations across all platforms. How else would you know the pile of poo emoji used to have flies buzzing around it?

Copy and Paste What if I told you that you could copy and paste any emoji into virtually any text field? Yup, your next email can be written entirely in emoji. Help soften the blow of being late to your next meeting with a cute monkey or may I suggest the kissing cat face.

Inspiration Single emojis by themselves are all good, don’t get me wrong, but seasoned storytellers know the power of stringing together a slew of emojis. Go from mediocre creativity to a diabolically clever communique with a little exploration and courage.

Submit Your Own Emoji Idea Can’t find that fingers crossed emoji? Didn’t think so—it doesn’t exist yet! But don’t let that stop you from submitting your brilliant emoji ideas to Unicode, the official emoji gatekeeper. Hey, if Taco Bell can successfully petition for our beloved taco emoji, why can’t you achieve your dreams too?

Best Emoji Marketing Campaigns Who knew an emoji-driven marketing campaign could be so successful? Take Domino’s Pizza for example. With a little ingenuity, this pizza giant flipped the script when they introduced a new way to order your favorite late-night snack. Simply send @Dominos the pizza emoji via Twitter, kick back, and wait 30 minutes.

Future Emoji Releases Not unlike searching your parents’ closet for Christmas gifts, this website previews and catalogues all the upcoming emojis. Spoiler alert: We’re soon getting a drooling face, an owl, and for all those who are basic, an avocado.

Emoji Design Files Looking for open-source emoji design files? Well, your pre-packaged rasterized PNG and scalable vector files are a click away. Work smarter, not harder, and infuse your next marketing campaign with an emoji or two!

Emoji Fails Cautionary tales abound, especially with emojis in social media. Don’t be that guy who thinks he’s being super clever, only to realize he’s lost his job the next day. Be smart. Know your audience and think twice before tweeting that borderline-inappropriate emoji joke that made all your interns laugh hysterically.

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