Talking Data and Partnerships with Taco Bell, eROI, and IBM Watson Marketing

eROI has helped Taco Bell use intelligent data within the IBM Watson Marketing Cloud.

Taco Bell and eROI recently sat down with the IBM Watson Marketing video crew to talk about the benefits of our shared partnerships, and how we’re working to reinvent data-driven creative marketing campaigns.

In a little over two years, eROI has welcomed two outstanding new partners, one of the world’s biggest technology companies and one of the world’s most recognized brands.
Now, for the first time, we are thrilled to share that story in a new video that highlights the ways in which we’ve helped Taco Bell use intelligent data to drive award-winning creative campaigns, all within the IBM Watson Marketing Cloud.
“Taco Bell has been working with eROI for the last two years, trying to develop our digital marketing strategy and execution… to continue that amazing experience that customers get in our stores, in a totally new platform with digital,” said Christine Li, Taco Bell’s Associate Manager of Marketing. “We’re really excited to work with eROI, leveraging IBM’s tools to help us segment and identify those groups and to be able to speak to them in a way that’s actually relatable to them… and continue to push those boundaries that go beyond what you normally think of digital marketing.”
eROI’s founder and CEO, Ryan Buchanan, added, “Using brand storytelling to drive e-commerce for consumer brands is something that we do really well. Between Watson Marketing, eROI, and Taco Bell, we’ve all been in meetings to proactively plan the next quarter’s campaigns. In the partnership between the three of us, it is super important that we have great chemistry.”

“Watson Marketing empowers my team here at eROI to come up with the strategies, the performance, and the data insights to then drive creative campaigns.”

-Ryan Buchanan

To learn more about our continued partnership, tune in to our IBM Amplify 2017 featured presentation, Always Be Testing: How We Helped Taco Bell Set Up a Testing Agenda and What We Did With Our Results on Wednesday, March 22, from 10:15 a.m.-11:00 a. m.
Follow this link to watch it live!

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