The Future of Email Personalization

Everyone is fighting for inbox placement when sending email, and believe me it is a war out there.

In order to survive you have to do everything in your power to rise above the fray and catch the attention of your audience. The first thing to take care of, before you even begin to think about content, is the technical side of email deliverability.

The first step to catching someone’s attention is MAKING it to their inbox.

  • Add SPF or Sender ID records to tell the Email providers that it’s OK your domain is sending out email from a different IP.
  • Add DKIM (DomainKeys) so that your domain is protected further from phishing attacks by using cryptographic lock and key techniques to verify that you are indeed who you say you are when sending email.
  • Only send to people that are engaged with your brand and provide incredible value for those engaged customers
  • Don’t send email about Viagra. Poor Viagra, they are the poster child for Spam.

Once you cross the threshold of your subscribers inbox the real work begins because everyone is yelling “Open me!” just like you are.
So how do you make your words truly speak to your audience? The easy answer? Know them. Truly step into their shoes and think about what they are interested in and then get scientific. A/B Test everything. At eROI A/B does not stand for two versions, it means Always Be Testing to us. Take a look at a few recent studies on subject lines from MailChimp below and then use them to start your program.

Subject Line Character Count Time Sensitivity
Length, Urgency, even emojis, are great places to start with subject line and we have all gotten the canned emails that start with

“Dear [First Name] [Last Name] have you heard about our great product?”

If you are like me you would assume that those emails are junk and don’t convert but check this graph out.

Name personalization
Using First and Last name together converts .33σ higher than the norm!
Mind is blown. This is somewhat boring though, and we have heard this all before when it comes to personalization. To us here at eROI personalization goes way beyond changing an image or swapping some copy. Email is really important to us and it is the most personal form of communication a brand has. We literally have a direct line to our customers’ device(s) whether that be a laptop, tablet, or phone.
To TRULY begin to personalize your communication for your customer we need to get inside their head, their day-to-day, their location, the weather even.

If we are sending an email at 9AM what percentage of our users are opening that email on a phone vs. laptop? If it’s on the phone maybe we change the CTA to a click to call rather than sending them to our website if it makes sense for the customer. If we are sending an email for a restaurant in the morning with breakfast imagery wouldn’t we want to change that imagery out for late night munchies if someone doesn’t open it till 9PM? If we aren’t open to receive phone calls after 9PM maybe click to call changes to an online reservation service? We need to build upon the standard form of email and CRM marketing that utilizes customer signature attributes and change their message with Moment of Open, dynamically evolving messaging that is relevant to our consumer no matter when or where they open it. Create urgency with real-time countdown timers, swap out special offers when inventory is depleted and replace it with the next best thing. Never disappoint your customer with what you are offering them.

Tick Tock
The future of email marketing is here we just need to dig deeper on how we are serving our clients and customers. We need to get away from thinking about what John Doe between the ages of 20-35, with an average household income of $75-100k, and 2.3 kids wants, and instead, create the moment each singular customer wants, at the moment they decide to open our email.

There are tons of standalone companies that can help with real-time dynamic content within email and we’ve worked with a lot of them.

The trick here is not to use it as a gimmick.

How can we provide on-going value with these tools because our email subscribers are our most valuable commodity and we need to treat each one with the respect they deserve.

If you want to learn more and see examples of how Real-Time Email Personalization can be done we are doing a joint Webinar with Liveclicker on the 19th of March at 11AM PST. Join us!

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