Three Ways We Slack

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Slack is a cloud-based collaboration tool we’ve recently begun using. While Slack claims 3 million daily active users since 2013, each company uses this all-purpose, team-messaging app differently. At eROI, we use it to collaborate and communicate consistently.

When you can’t make every meeting, that’s where Slack comes in. Here’s three ways we slack.

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1. Smart Meetings

It’s hard to get pulled out of a heads-down working session to go to a 15-minute meeting, then pick work back up, only to be disrupted again for another meeting.

So for quick or lower-priority meetings, eROI account managers and team captains can switch the meeting format from in-person to on-Slack. No, not one of the stand-up Slackbot meetings, but an organic, real-time conversation with a defined agenda, needed items, next steps, and key takeaways from our online conversation. Everyone has a voice and access to the same up-to-date information.
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2. Efficient client communication

We work with several clients and partners who use Slack for their own internal projects, and some actually prefer using Slack over other modes of communication. Fantastic! It’s highly efficient to connect, via Slack, our internal project developers with our clients’ developers. Work moves faster, client communication is a breeze, and anyone within the channel can track progress, ask questions, and address their concerns.
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3. Cultural glue

We sometimes use Slack as a virtual water cooler, which is great. Our non-project channels run the gamut from camping destinations to dogs to who won last night’s softball game (still undefeated!). And of course utilizing the Giphy Randomizer built inside of Slack for laughs [ed: I bet you were wondering how we selected the gifs for this entry]. eROI’s company culture is vital. Slack helps keep our creative, personal interactions alive.

These efficiencies—using Slack to shrink our email inboxes and equalize access to information —are the tip of the Slack iceberg. Interested in streamlining your own projects with us?

We would love to hear from you. Both on and off Slack.

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