Transactional, SMS and Mobile Emails with Silverpop: Part 1

In 2016 members of eROI’s email team attended training and certification sessions for IBM Marketing Cloud (also known as Silverpop). The following is a series covering some of the tools and capabilities we liked best.


Programs within Silverpop are a multi-channel marketing tool that enables you interact with your subscribers through custom mobile and email communications based on behavior within your emails or landing pages.

You are able to build up to 10 programs at once on your Engage platform that can run simultaneously. This type of automation allows the marketer to essentially build and let Silverpop do the work with their subscribers. The drag and drop data visualization tool allows for easy creation of paths and points each subscriber to the most effective path for their individual needs to ensure high conversion rates.
Why should you use programs?
Create a highly personalized one-on-one conversation with your subscriber. Respond instantly* to subscriber activity on web-forms or landing pages or SMS activity. Keeps your lists clean with active users and easily segment inactive or disengaged subscribers out of your program. All data within your subscriber list is kept up to date with new and relevant behavior activity.
When and how will subscribers be added to your programs?
You control who and when a subscriber gets into your programs. You have the ability to include the complete database to start the program all at once, or initiate only when new subscribers are added to the database. The most useful time to add is based on activity on a web-form or click activity within an email. All trackable behaviors in emails and on landing pages can be added to program.


Tracks – Multiple levels of engagement. Tracks enable marketer to place certain subscribers on different paths (Tracks) of their programs. If you have set up multiple choice for types of communication on your web-form you can place each subscriber depending on the section into the corresponding track with a highly customized experience.
Decision Diamonds – You can build logic into your programs and have a decision point setup to place them into another track on your program, depending on their engagement. For example, a subscriber has been sent several communications on a single track and has not responded, but suddenly has become active on your landing page. You can establish an evaluation period to place them into a certain nurture track you have built. If they stay inactive, you can end the track for that subscriber and end communication.

Silverpop has created multiple BluePrints based of of the most common use-cases for setting up a program. They range from building a simple two part series to a highly complex multi-track customer engagement program.

Program Blueprints

Welcome: Subscribes to your Newsletter on a web-form. From a simple two touch messaging introducing them to you brand, to a highly complex journey covering multiple levels of engagement.
Event: Promote an event.
Follow the path of registrants through reminder to attend emails and non-registrants to register. Get higher engagement and attendance by targeting the right group with the right message.
Nuture: Drip campaign promoting a product or series.
Builds awareness and brand affinity. Warm a cold lead, encourage customers to engage in a valuable opportunity or lifecycle. This can be as simple as a one track program to a multi-line track that covers all possible behaviors. Having three options to cover your skill level, you can build yourself from a beginner to highly advanced user through the Blueprints.
Abandonment: Potential customer has left cart with unpurchased items and/or a goal (Sign-up) without fully completing.
Allows you to build a program that targets these potential clients. You can set the cadence and message to fulfill the intended goal of the subscriber.
Engagement or Usage: Potential for up-sell to subscribers on product.
Encourage customers to increase product or resource usage and engagement.
Birthday or Anniversary.
Use a special date to send your customers a unique message or reminder. Leverage this interaction to deepen engagement with your brand.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to use programs within Silverpop. With the ability to create highly personalized journeys and make your audience feel like you are targeting them for their needs and not blanketing them, you can increase your ROI and allow for great on-boarding and customer retention experiences.

Check back next week for Heidi’s Part 2 on dynamic content in Silverpop.

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