New Campaign Template

Aramark needed a streamlined system to optimize their great potential and accommodate for mobile.


Aramark delivers innovative services in food, facilities management and uniforms to healthcare institutions; universities and school districts; stadiums and arenas; and businesses in 22 countries. iCare, a division of Aramark, is a commissary service supplying corrections facilities throughout the U.S.

Upon being approached by iCare, eROI determined a number of challenges within their email practices. Among them were a transient audience, a mobile-averse website, variable product offering by individual, and an email program with a high operating cost.


To address these issues, eROI conceived a model that utilized a modular email template. eROI devised a groundbreaking segmentation strategy to tailor each send to the individual recipient. This cutting edge approach provided a dramatic reduction of production hours per email, while improving all email best-practice metrics including content relevance, timeliness, and segmentation. In total, the template has the ability to create over 1.2 billion unique content combinations.


This streamlined solution, which brought in the mobile market, resulted in significant increases in both engagement and revenue for Aramark.  The modular template revolutionized Aramark’s email program. With ever-increasing participation and profits, the new system continues to prove to be a great return on investment.

Return On Investment since working with eROI
Revenue increase since working with eROI
increase in YOY site traffic after two months
increase in Revenue per Email