Bringing Personality To a Name

“When we first started working with eROI, we knew we were in capable hands. Our dream for Every Child was prepared to take flight.”



Every Child, the recruitment arm of Embrace Oregon, was formed to provide awareness and education to highly committed adults to help involve them in the foster program.


Embrace Oregon is a faith-based organization that brings couples and families together with children in need of foster care through a partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services. The number of children in the DHS system who need safe, nurturing homes is ever-increasing. These children need advocates: ordinary people measured by extraordinary compassion. Every Child reaches out to those people.



Every Child reached out to eROI to help with their fundraising event, design a new logo, and solidify their brand identity. We immediately began asking the important questions: who, what, why, and how. To be truly effective, a strong voice needed to be heard. We knew a good brand strategy needed to precede any logo design. While Embrace Oregon is primarily speaking to the faith-based community in the Portland area, Every Child required messaging to those outside of it as well. Creating a voice and logo that would be well-received by both segments required a very targeted brand strategy. The goal was to create a solid strategy that would resonate throughout Oregon.



“Every Child Needs You” became the rallying cry. To raise awareness and educate the public, eROI drew from knowledge garnered from one-to-one conversations, interviews, and stories gathered in researching the personal experiences of foster parents, children, and families. This led to creating personas for those individuals to whom Every Child would be speaking – potential foster parents, and front-line DHS workers.

The new brand identity required a design that expressed the visual equivalent of their brand tenets: hope, collaboration, and determination. We needed to focus on understanding what the Every Child program is, and what their core values represent.

The colors chosen employed a color palette to feel warm and approachable. The logo represents a safe embrace, and speaks to the collaborative nature of Every Child.




Our efforts proved immediately beneficial when Embrace Oregon’s fundraiser in May of 2015 exceeded expectations, both in money raised and personal commitments made. The new Every Child logo was unveiled and was met with rave reviews. It was so well received, in fact, that it inspired a request that eROI work on the existing Embrace Oregon logo as well.

“We felt immediately that eROI became an extension of our team. They understood us from the inside out and then walked with us in developing a brand and strategy that challenged us intuitively.”


eROI was also asked to do a website assessment, resulting in a leaner, more effective Embrace Oregon site. By better employing the power of storytelling and aligning closely with their newly refreshed brand, Embrace Oregon now has the strength to move forward with confidence.
As mentioned, currently the organization has a presence only in the Portland area. However, with an enhanced brand strategy, an improved website, and well-honed communications tools, Embrace Oregon is poised to move forward with its goal to gain statewide recognition.

It was great to work with an organization whose goal is to improve lives. Embrace Oregon’s dedication to giving back to the community was both energizing and inspiring. It is a pleasure assisting those who help so many.

“The result of eROI’s brand strategy has been dramatic growth and the beginning of long-term change for the State of Oregon.”


– Ben Sand, CEO Portland Leadership Foundation


For more information, or to learn how you can participate, visit Embrace Oregon