Making a Game Out of holiday Shopping



Our partner Fred Meyer Jewelers wanted to increase social activity surrounding 2014’s “Gift that Delight” holiday campaign. They turned to eROI for innovative concepts to raise awareness and engagement. The Pinterest campaign we had created the previous year had proven to be highly successful, so we had set the bar high for ourselves. Never to be deterred by a challenge, we set out to do something as dynamic, but uniquely different.



After showing them three ideas, Fred Meyer Jewelers and our team settled on an online quiz that was positioned as a new, interactive approach to the traditional gift-giving guide. Using a question/answer format similar to a BuzzFeed™ quiz, the guide narrowed down the perfect gift based on recipients’ personal traits. Original artwork was created to fit the existing Gifts That Delight campaign aesthetic.

Along with developing a detailed engagement and acquisition strategy, eROI also contacted influencers to elevate awareness of this fun, guided experience through blogger outreach emails and a press release. Influencers were offered rewards for publicizing and reviewing the guide through their respective channels, to great effect.



Thrilled by the concept, the participation, and the results, Fred Meyer Jewelers declared the campaign a resounding success. 47% of all visitors were engaged. Nearly half completed the quiz. In addition, Mobile proved to be a critical channel as well, with 70% of visitors using a phone or tablet. This knowledge provided eROI and FMJ with a better understanding of the customer for future engagement.

Through answers received from the quiz, important customer information was gathered. Music and leisure activities were determined, as well as recognizing the value of marketing to men (3/4 of the audience was looking for a feminine gift). Understandably, shopping for a significant other tallied 63%. Fred Meyer Jewelers’ “Gifts that Delight” campaign proved to deliver significant results and provide important customer data for future efforts.

Mobile-friendly Reminder Email

Visitors engaged more with mobile. 13.5% higher conversions on a smaller screen.

Interactive Quiz

The quiz garnered a wealth of customer data. 47% of visitors completed the quiz.