Campaigns that delight

The Fred Meyer Jewelers Gifts that Delight holiday campaign microsite, email series, social, and display advertising campaign leveraged their brand story in a curated experience that drove sales and engagement.

The Fred Meyer Jewelers brand had been heavily reliant on value advertising, focusing on price and discounts. Their new brand focused on refreshing the experience by surprising and delighting the shopper. The Gifts that Delight campaign balanced their holiday push with compelling, relatable content that supported the brand and value messaging.

Gifts that Delight Microsite

The campaign microsite provided a personalized shopping experience with an engaging quiz that guided consumers to the information and products they desired. That was combined with a Pinterest contest and weekly deals.

Campaign Sends

The six-email series promoted the campaign each week while balancing discount- and value-focused touches. In addition to the six campaign emails, Fred Meyer Jewelers sent emails featuring products and deals to balance the story-focus of the campaign emails.

Upon deployment, the campaign proved to be a resounding success. Engagement was high, with open rates around 15% and equally strong click-to-open ratios. Upon reaching the landing page users clearly resonated with the experience, converting at a rate of around 38%. Fred Meyer Jewelers appreciated our approach both strategically and creatively, and invited us back in 2014 to build on the success of this campaign.