Discovering a Core Brand


HFO, a local real estate firm specializing in multi-family property brokerage with a focus on personal service and advice, approached eROI to refresh its brand image. Far beyond a simple logo redesign and color pallette, HFO looked to eROI for critical strategic insight in brand strategy and vision, market placement, audience persona development, and more. The goal was to help HFO drive a clear stake in the ground, indicating their exact market niche, personality, and approach.

The work had a relatively short timeframe to coincide with the relocation of their headquarters, which would force us to balance a comprehensive, yet nimble process.


We built a strategic Brand Pyramid for HFO, featuring insights ranging from Core Position (Vision Statement) to Strategic Personality, Functional Benefits, and Pillars & Proof.

We began by answering these simple questions:

Who are you?
What do you do?
How do you conduct business everyday?
Why does it matter?
How do you back up your claims?

While the HFO brand is more than a logo, the first and most lasting impression lies within it. Together with the logo, we created a tagline to quickly convey what they want their audience to feel. Together, they communicate a core idea and a personality that capture what they do and how they do it. The tagline our team created to complete the lock up was “Build your legacy.” It encompasses the brand promise, makes it actionable, and embraces their brand.


HFO leadership was highly satisfied both with our process and the resulting deliverables. The HFO team came away with the clarity they were seeking on their business focus, and felt the new identity effectively represented that vision. We are excited to see the impact of our work on HFO’s brand value as the company rolls out the new brand both internally and externally.