The Bureau of Brand Management

Our partnership with Perkins & Co. started in 2008 when we developed a new brand position, identity system, and corporate website. In 2012, with updated business objectives, they engaged us again to undergo a brand evolution that would position them as leaders in the industry, bring their expert employees to the forefront, and create a cohesive brand image across each of their marketing channels.

A system that highlights your personality

Perkins’ new website launched in October 2012 to an all-company celebration. The company revealed its new identity system and messaging strategy with a countdown to the homepage on an oversized monitor in front of the entire firm.

The new website drove over 30 new, qualified leads in the first six months after launch. Significant new clients were secured in their High-Tech Emerging Growth and Real Estate niches. All ongoing maintenance fees were eliminated. Their visits, page views, and visit duration all saw sharp increases of 35, 10, and 17% respectively, leading to happy shareholders and clients, while impressing colleagues.