Stumptown Coffee Roasters

2015 Holiday Campaign Series


For the Holiday 2015 season, Stumptown Coffee Roasters wanted to simultaneously elevate its email marketing efforts and launch a new “gifting” option for its coffee subscription service.

Challenges and Goals


Already one of only a few third-wave coffee roasters offering subscriptions of any kind, Stumptown had recently built the gifting option into its site experience to offer customers even more ways to take advantage of the service.


In order to spread awareness of the new option (and the subscription service overall), Stumptown approached eROI to create a Holiday email campaign that would both drive engagement and also provide their team with valuable insights into its customers’ reactions and behaviors.

Insights and Solutions


A Thoughtful Approach

In order to give Stumptown the most valuable user behavior insights, eROI created two similar but nuanced campaigns of four emails each.

The first set would go to customers we believed would be predisposed (based on previous browsing and purchasing behavior) to engage with the new gift option. This series focused on the gift option as a primary element, with subtle secondary messaging giving them the option to snag a subscription for themselves, if they preferred.

The second set of emails was sent to the remainder of the email list, which consisted primarily of people who had not shown “gift purchasing” behavior. These emails reversed the message: The primary message centered around the general subscription service (how it works, featured coffees, benefits, etc.), with secondary messaging suggesting the option of purchasing one as a gift.

Smart Turnout

Stumptown has always known who they were. It’s a brand with a strong personality and a beautiful, quirky, artistic aesthetic. We worked closely with them to capture the passionate, irreverent voice and unique visual language that make Stumptown Stumptown. By leveraging gorgeous product and environment photography, custom hand-lettered typography, and smart layouts with plenty of room to breathe, our email series was cohesive, intuitive, and pleasing. And by delivering the message in the classic Stumptown voice, the emails were able to tell a consistent story over the course of the series in an authentic, branded way.

Structured, Multi-faceted Content

As part of our strategy to capture and track engagement throughout the email series, we sought to create as many related but separate opportunities to engage as possible. As these emails were part of a holiday campaign, we chose to support our focused subscription message with supporting elements that either teased deeper “behind the scenes” content about the Stumptown brand, or featured products that would pair beautifully with a coffee subscription: mugs, brewing equipment, etc. Rather than take a single-pronged approach, this email series proved the value in completing the story with additional context and offering users additional paths for engagement.

Results and Outcomes


The series showed significant wins in both the short term and the long term.


In the short term, through our segmentation strategy, we were able to identify a previously unknown but highly engaged group of customers and fans, creating unique opportunities for future engagement with those customers. And through observing user engagement from the emails to the subscription purchase experience on the Stumptown website, we identified key opportunities for streamlining the experience for the customer.



Higher Open Rate


Higher Click-thru Rate



Subscription Purchases During Campaign

Results Reporting

2015 Holiday Subscription Emails

A Coffee-filled Future


Our partners on the brand side were pleased to have gained these insights, and the process of partnering with them on this campaign has generated much discussion between our two companies about future opportunities to elevate Stumptown’s digital marketing landscape.
We’re excited to see where eROI and Stumptown can go together in the effort to bring delicious coffee to the world.