Not Everything Stays in Vegas

Schwartz Tilson, Inc. (STI) began its partnership with eROI in 2013 in order to expand its audience and generate greater engagement for its bi-annual events. Previously, they had used a discount pricing strategy, but wanted to modify their approach to a value-based strategy.

eROI developed one that focused on the benefits of attendance and centered around the concepts of Gain, Connect, and Grow. We highlighted indispensable connections, investing techniques, and potential for portfolio growth through a microsite, 12-email campaign, social strategy, and print campaign.


We developed a custom responsive microsite, allowing busy attendees to access information quickly on any device. We also built a connection component into the site, bringing in social media channels and a live-blogging platform to one place. This allowed attendees to keep an eye on the conversation beyond the Congress.

Campaign Sends

We worked with STI to realign their event in Las Vegas as a must-attend experience and highlight its unique features. As they host two Congresses per year, we felt it necessary to distinguish the two events as much as possible, giving attendees incentive to attend both. With our 12-email campaign and segmented list (registered attendees and unregistered prospective attendees), we told the story of last year’s wins. We addressed the campaign as a holistic and progressive story, rather than a series of random one-off emails.